Breast Augmentation

It is not uncommon for a woman to want to change her breast size, shape or position to achieve a more natural appearance. Reasons for choosing surgery are highly personal and many women consider the option of breast surgery for years before deciding to proceed. Potential candidates should discuss with our surgeon the options, risks and anticipated results of breast surgery.

Women who have small breasts or whose breasts are smaller and less firm following pregnancy may be interested in increasing the size and proportion of their breasts. Some women may have mildly saggy breast skin while others desire to bring a significantly smaller breast into balance with the other.

Key Facts

Anesthesia: Intravenous sedation or general anesthesia
Length of procedure: 1 to 2 hours
Length of stay: Home the same day
Discomfort: Depending upon placement, may be mild to moderate to severe controlled with prescription pain medications
Anticipate: Swelling may last up to 6 weeks depending upon implant placement some bruising is likely some temporary numbness is possible
Final result: 3 months

It is important that patients discuss with the surgeon their reasons for wanting breast enlargement and their expectations of the results. The goal of the procedure is improvement of appearance and proportion, not perfection. For example, breast enlargement will not improve stretch marks on the breast or change breast nipple position. A slightly droopy breast may be improved with enlargement, but the improvement may only be temporary. A breast lift procedure mastopexy may be necessary to address droopy breasts.

Patients need to talk with our surgeon about the advantages and disadvantages of the various surgical options, including the size of the implant, its surface texture and shape, placement of the incision and position of the implant.

The more clear and open patients are about their goals and concerns, the more likely that they will be pleased with the results.

Take time to get used to the new appearance and sensations of implants. They may feel slightly firmer than a natural breast. Breast implants are not permanent and will need replacement. How often varies with each patient.

Implant Considerations

Implant considerations include the shape, implant surface smooth or textured, position, incision placement, size and implant filling.

What to Expect

The breast consists of milk ducts and glands, surrounded by fatty tissue that provides its shape and feel. Situated beneath the breast is the pectoralis major muscle. Incisions may be made under the breast in the inframammary crease, at the border of the areola the colored skin around the nipple, or in the axilla armpit. A saline implant, filled to the desired volume during surgery, can be positioned under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis muscle.

Breast implants filled with saline a sterile, salty solution are almost rarely used now that silicone implants are approved by the FDA.

The procedure may be performed using intravenous sedation or more commonly with general anesthesia.

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